Toasting the New Year

I hope you are all staying nice and warm this New Year’s Eve.  I am on Eastern Standard Time, for a change, so I just might stay awake long enough to ring in the new year. . . in Nova Scotia, or maybe Newfoundland.  Anyway–stay warm and toasty, wherever you are, and have a happy new year.

My New Year’s Resolution?  I want to wear more practical, G-rated clothing.  What’s your resolution?

17 thoughts on “Toasting the New Year

  1. Hope to spend more time with my grandkids on both coasts. Never understood the word resolution. You either work at it or you don’t.


  2. It finally made it (the year, that is). Happy New Year, Historiann, and everyone! We could actually use a little more snow in these parts, if there’s any extra in Cheresonesus or Metropotamia. (Any more than a flake would be a little more; send it this way!). Resolutions are running a little late again this year too–any chance for an ex-tension? I heard the lecture, but to *see* it, I’ll have to patch in via another platform.


  3. Happy New Year! One child and I made it up to midnight so we went outside and blew something called an “elephant horn.” It sounds unwell but is loud. (The children who live here have managed to stop blowing it just in the nick of time every time a parent as been this close to confiscating the thing.) After that we discussed the difference between luck and practice/work and drifted off to sleep.


  4. I’ve declared 2013 the Baker’s Dozen Year, marked by generosity of spirit. I’m only going to give my eyeballs/attention to people and blogs that exhibit a propensity for same, and will not support, in any way, the mean-spirited ones who build themselves up by tearing others down. Anyone who thinks a valid argument is “you’re stupid” is definitely off the list!
    Wishing you all good health, good challenges and good times, the whole year through!


  5. Happy (belated) 2013 Historiann and Co! We celebrated by making samosas on New Years Eve and then deep frying everything we can get our hands on before the peanut oil gives up. (Tonight… Apple Fritters!)

    I wish everyone good health and happiness in the year to come!

    and I resolve to go to the AHA in 2014.


  6. Matt: shockingly, I might just be at AHA in 2014 on a panel that Jonathan Rees is cooking up!

    (I can’t remember the last AHA I attended. I believe it was in the service of interviewing job candidates. 2003 in Chicago?)

    And jackyt: I like your notion of the Baker’s Dozen year. Why not be generous? It beats the alternative, and it’s usually the right thing to do, although I will admit that it’s not *always* my first impulse. . .


  7. I’m at the AHA right now. Three years running. Why, God, why. I won’t do it again except under duress. At least I can drown my sorrows in beignets.


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